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The cost of added ingredients with home-canned foods may be minor in the case of vegetables (usually 1/2 teaspoon salt per quart ) to major in jams, jellies and some pickles. About Extension Wherever you live, Extension’s job is to determine what issues, concerns and needs are unique to each community, and offer sound and effective solutions. I am more than just a little bit excited about our side return cost of side return extension https://sigmaconstruction.uk/kitchen-extension.html that is starting in a few weeks’ time. As with freezing, the cost of water and fuel to prepare and process foods by canning will vary with area costs, personal practices and the type of food being processed. The cost of packaging, including reuseable containers, will range from 2 to more than 6 cents per pound. See Table 4 for a worksheet to use in estimating the cost of drying food. The jars and screwbands may be divided over an average 10-year lifespan but lids need to be purchased yearly, varying in cost from 3 to 6 cents. The initial cost of a freezer varies with size, type, special features. The cost of water and fuel used in washing, blanching, and chilling foods varies with area costs of these commodities and individual practices. One study estimated this cost at less than half a cent per pound of food. When figuring the cost of sugar, allow 2 1/2 cups per pound. A shorter storage life will decrease the operating cost per pound of food, and a less full freezer will increase. The cost of new canning jars with lids ranges from $5 to $8 per dozen. The energy cost to process the food will vary with the length of processing time and the efficiency of the burner in maintaining the desired processing temperature. CSU Extension - A division of the Office of Engagement. Add the cost of the produce and any added ingredients to the example in Table 1 to get the actual cost of the food preserved at home by freezing. Freezing foods at home is not cheap, nor is the cost of storing frozen foods purchased commercially. Although gardening may not be exceptionally profitable when you consider your time, it does offer many side benefits. Commercial dehydrators vary in cost from $40 to $350, depending on size, features, and quality of construction. The initial cost may be divided over a 15- to 20-year life expectancy. If you purchase the produce, the cost is evident. The cost of added ingredients also varies with what and how much is added. If the interest from an alternative investment is considered in the cost of owning a freezer, base the rate on the return that would come from some other investment.